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60% Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Found to Be Most Effective

Avant Hand Sanitizer - bulk sizes and quantities

When it comes to determining the most effective alcohol-based hand sanitizer, 60 is the magic number. The U.S. Centers for Disease Controls and Preventions officially recommends hand sanitizer comprised of at least 60 percent alcohol as an effective tool for neutralizing germs when soap and water are not available. Numerous studies have verified the CDC’s […]

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Proper Precautions to Help Prevent Infant RSV

First came the coughing, then the running nose, then the fever. Next, a lost appetite. What two-month-old gets tired of milk, I thought? Time to call our pediatrician. Just a day later, my wife Jill and I were writhing in emotional pain as our infant daughter Mackenzie screamed her lungs out in terrible pain while […]

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Wash, Sanitize, Condition: A Pure Cold Germ-Fighting Plan

Avant and Aterra hand hygiene products

In these sickliest days of the year, three words practiced daily can go a long way to keeping us free from catching the cold and flu blues.  Wash. Sanitize. Condition. In the germ fight, these words are pure gold. A daily routine of handwashing, using hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available, and […]

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How to Keep Holiday Germs Under Wraps

Tis the season of family, friends, perpetual hope and, alas, the Grinchy germs of the holidays. Believe us, folks, nobody wants the “gifts” harmful germs and pathogens are serving up this season. This timely message from the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing (PPPHW) and the American Cleaning Institute reminds us that a simple, affordable way […]

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CDC’s Verdict: FluMist Powerless in Fighting Flu

Fighting influenza this upcoming flu season just got harder and more painful with the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendation of benching FluMist, the popular nasal spray influenza vaccine. The CDC’s Advisory Committee On Immunization Practices recommended on June 23 that people should not use FluMist due to its poor performance levels compared to the more […]

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