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Are You Properly Applying Hand Sanitizer? Probably Not.

Applying alcohol-free hand sanitizer to hands

 Apply to hand sanitizer to hands, rub quickly on hands, 99.9 percent of germs gone, right? Wrong. When soap and water aren’t available, nothing’s more effective than scrubbing hands clean of germs and bacteria than hand sanitizer, but proper application procedures are needed to ensure hand sanitizers can do their job and cleanse hands of […]

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10 Reasons to Have Portable Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

As we all know too painfully well, harmful germs live almost everywhere. These freeloading troublemakers (seriously, mobsters make better neighbors) hang out in nearly every public location imaginable and live with the devious mission of spreading their infectious and dangerous bacteria to any life source they come in contact with. Their parents must be so […]

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Antibacterial Soaps…..Generally Unnecessary

Hand hygiene products labeled as “antibacterial” are produced with active antibacterial chemicals such as triclosan, chloroxylenol, and Benzalkonium Chloride which are intended to kill bacteria and microbes. Yet in recent years the purported benefits of antimicrobial products have been challenged by organizations such as the USDA and FDA, and an increasing amount of research has […]

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Positive and Negative Aspects of Touch-Free Hand Soap and Sanitizer Dispensers

Touch-free dispensers, automatic dispensers, motion-activated dispensers, or whatever you want to call them, are becoming more and more popular for hand soaps and hand sanitizers in institutional settings.  Touch-free dispensers are an important innovation in hand hygiene, but before you install touch-free dispensers, be sure that you’ve made plans to avoid common problems. We, at […]

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Reduce Employee Illness and Absenteeism with Hand Sanitizer

A common struggle business managers have to deal with is illness in the workplace and employee absenteeism.  When employees are sick or absent, productivity takes a hit, and that means bad news for the bottom line. There are many contributing factors when determining the cause of employee absenteeism such as employee attitude, job satisfaction and […]

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