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Scientists Dig into Influenza’s Biggest Mystery

It’s a puzzling flu riddle straight from Medicine’s X-Files: How do the smallest flu threats sometimes pack the biggest and sickliest punch? Scientists have found minor variants of flu strains not typically targeted on vaccines carry a more potent viral punch than previously realized, Medical News Today reported in early January 2016. Authors of the […]

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Germs and the Office Equal a Costly, Sickly Mix

Thanks for coming to work, said no one ever

As if facing work dead in the face on a deadline-heavy Monday in the cold dead of winter wasn’t scary enough … Welcome To Germville, USA (AKA: Your Office). The average American office houses a thousand times more germs than its computers house emails and a sometimes unrelenting avalanche of health threats. Germs lurk on […]

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Keep Your Kids Breathing Easy During Bronchiolitis Season

One important health truth every parent should know this winter: Bronchiolitis is a pediatric-centered virus that is anything but child’s play. And bronchiolitis is targeting America’s children this flu season. A extremely and easily contagious viral based-infection that impacts young children, mostly under the age of 2, bronchiolitis is a swelling and mucus buildup within […]

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Seniors Face a Blizzard of Winter Health Threats

Winter’s barrage of colds, flus and dangerous infections are a bear on everyone, but no one feels the fury of winter’s brutal elements more than senior citizens. Winter’s heavy onslaught of bacterial and viral illnesses can be particularly threatening to America’s golden generation. An alarming one third of seniors die as the result of infectious […]

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2015-16 Flu Forecast: A Tougher Vaccine for an Unpredictable Virus

The 2014-15 flu U.S. season was a sickly influenza storm that never relented. The source of so many people’s flu misery last winter was H3N2, a resilient strain of influenza that had been quiet for several years and not included in the Centers For Disease Control’s official vaccine for the season. The strain spread to […]

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Secrets to Healthy Babies & Toddlers in a Germy World

It’s a harsh, eye-opening and alarming truth for young parents: It’s a germy world and your babies and toddlers are enthusiastically trying to explore every bacteria-soaked inch of it every day. Try as you might, it’s Mission: Impossible to try to protect your babies and toddlers from all germs and bacteria. Ever hear the story […]

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Hand Hygiene Day Sends a Life-saving Message Worldwide

We don’t need to be Superman, Iron Man or Wonder Woman. We all have the power to help save lives. It’s as easy washing our hands. Clean hands save lives. That’s the important message the World Health Organization is sending worldwide May 5 during World Hand Hygiene Day. Clean hands prevent infection and stop illnesses […]

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Rise of H3N2 Could Worsen This Year’s U.S. Flu Season

This winter’s flu season has come in like a lion, and is already neutralizing the effectiveness of some flu shots and could lead to a large increase in deaths and hospitalizations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in early December that an aggressive type of influenza is circulation and some strains aren’t covered […]

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The Great Germ-Stopping Debate: Alcohol-Based vs Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers, Available in bulk quantities.

In these highly contagious and sickly times that is the cold and flu season, hand sanitizer is standard, necessary equipment to help us thwart off infectious bacteria, germs and pathogens. When soap and water are not available, there’s no better option to keep our hands clean than hand sanitizer. The most trusted hand sanitizer ingredient […]

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