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Rise of H3N2 Could Worsen This Year’s U.S. Flu Season

This winter’s flu season has come in like a lion, and is already neutralizing the effectiveness of some flu shots and could lead to a large increase in deaths and hospitalizations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in early December that an aggressive type of influenza is circulation and some strains aren’t covered […]

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The Great Germ-Stopping Debate: Alcohol-Based vs Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers, Available in bulk quantities.

In these highly contagious and sickly times that is the 2014-15 cold and flu season, hand sanitizer is standard, necessary equipment to help us thwart off infectious bacteria, germs and pathogens. When soap and water are not available, there’s no better option to keep our hands clean than hand sanitizer. The most trusted hand sanitizer […]

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Are You Properly Applying Hand Sanitizer? Probably Not.

Applying alcohol-free hand sanitizer to hands

 Apply to hand sanitizer to hands, rub quickly on hands, 99.9 percent of germs gone, right? Wrong. When soap and water aren’t available, nothing’s more effective than scrubbing hands clean of germs and bacteria than hand sanitizer, but proper application procedures are needed to ensure hand sanitizers can do their job and cleanse hands of […]

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How do Doctors and Nurses Avoid Getting the Cold and Flu?

Ever notice how usually the only folks not coughing and sneezing up a storm during cold and flu seasons are the people who spend the most time around germs, bacteria and viruses? They’re not magicians, they’re just doctors and nurses and experts on cold and flu defense plans. Medical professionals are exposed to sick people […]

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Antibacterial Soaps…..Generally Unnecessary

Hand hygiene products labeled as “antibacterial” are produced with active antibacterial chemicals such as triclosan, chloroxylenol, and Benzalkonium Chloride which are intended to kill bacteria and microbes. Yet in recent years the purported benefits of antimicrobial products have been challenged by organizations such as the USDA and FDA, and an increasing amount of research has […]

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Latex vs Nitrile vs Vinyl Gloves…Which to Choose?

Disposable medical exam gloves

When deciding between latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves…it can be a little confusing trying to determine which type of glove is the ideal choice.    Let’s take a closer look at the attributes and benefits of each type of glove. Latex Gloves Latex gloves are natural material, made out of rubber.  They are a popular choice […]

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