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2016-17 Flu Season Forecast: Don’t Fight It Alone

Vaccinations Remain Our Best Defense Against Influenza Going outside in 10-degree weather without a coat.  Facing a 100-degree sun head-on without sun screen.  Taking an infant on a 10-hour drive without backup diapers. There are some scenarios where it just doesn’t make sense to go on without adequate protection. Add the wildly unpredictable 2016-17 United […]

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Verdict: Hand Sanitizer Remains Safe, Effective Germ Killer

Avant Hand Sanitizer - bulk sizes and quantities

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has benched over-the-counter consumer antiseptic hand wash products containing several potentially dangerous ingredients, hand sanitizer remains a trusted and reliable germ-killing option when soap and water are not readily available. The FDA ruled in early September companies can no longer market antibacterial soaps and body washes containing 19 […]

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CDC’s Verdict: FluMist Powerless in Fighting Flu

Fighting influenza this upcoming flu season just got harder and more painful with the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendation of benching FluMist, the popular nasal spray influenza vaccine. The CDC’s Advisory Committee On Immunization Practices recommended on June 23 that people should not use FluMist due to its poor performance levels compared to the more […]

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Germs and the Office Equal a Costly, Sickly Mix

Thanks for coming to work, said no one ever

As if facing work dead in the face on a deadline-heavy Monday in the cold dead of winter wasn’t scary enough … Welcome To Germville, USA (AKA: Your Office). The average American office houses a thousand times more germs than its computers house emails and a sometimes unrelenting avalanche of health threats. Germs lurk on […]

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Keep Your Kids Breathing Easy During Bronchiolitis Season

One important health truth every parent should know this winter: Bronchiolitis is a pediatric-centered virus that is anything but child’s play. And bronchiolitis is targeting America’s children this flu season. A extremely and easily contagious viral based-infection that impacts young children, mostly under the age of 2, bronchiolitis is a swelling and mucus buildup within […]

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2015-16 Flu Forecast: A Tougher Vaccine for an Unpredictable Virus

The 2014-15 flu U.S. season was a sickly influenza storm that never relented. The source of so many people’s flu misery last winter was H3N2, a resilient strain of influenza that had been quiet for several years and not included in the Centers For Disease Control’s official vaccine for the season. The strain spread to […]

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