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Hand Lotion

Aterra Eco-Premium Hand Lotion is a breakthrough in green chemistry and deep skin conditioning. The rich lotion combines a unique blend of natural moisturizers and oils to soften skin without prolonged greasy residue. Aterra Eco-Premium Hand Lotion absorbs quickly and is infused with botanical oils to create a refreshing scent.

Aterra Eco-Premium Hand Lotion is a USDA certified biobased product and by passing a variety of rigorous, third-party environmental and performance testing is EcoLogo® certified to Personal Care Product CCD-103.

Sensitive to the environment, Aterra Eco-Premium Hand Lotion is readily biodegradable, non-toxic to aquatic life and does not contain preservatives based upon formaldehyde donors, parabens, or isothiazolones. The formulation has undergone allergy and clinical testing to confirm that there was no identifiable signs or symptoms of primary irritation or sensitization.

Aterra Eco-Premium Hand Lotion does not adversely affect the integrity of latex gloves or the efficacy of CHG.

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