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About Us

Our company (B4 Brands) began in 2002 exploring hand sanitizer when one of its co-owner children became immune compromised and often suffered hospitalization from the common cold. From that moment on we decided to become a hand hygiene company and expanded our offerings to hand soaps in addition to hand sanitizer. We invested in years of research and with the help of several individuals we developed our own formulations, you might be more familiar with our brand names: Avant Hand Sanitizer® & Aterra® Hand Soap!

Our Hand Soap formulations are environmentally friendly and Bio-Based tested. We offer the hand soap in a variety of sizes and in foam and liquid formulations.

Our Hand Sanitizer is also environmentally friendly and Bio-Based tested. These formulations were submitted to rigorous testing of 53 organisms scoring in the 99.999% in kill, Hand’s testing, Latex and CHG compatibility. We offer these products in a variety of sizes and in foam and gel formulations. In addition, we also offer a non-alcohol hand sanitizer in a foam.

With years of experience and being passionate in our industry we have become adept at working with our customers to find solutions to their needs while trying to be a part of creating a healthier world. We strive to blend environmentalism with wellness and infection control; to use the earth’s natural chemistry to protect people against illness.

Join us today in the effort to limit the spread of illness-causing infections, to improve wellness, reduce absenteeism, and to end the use of chemicals that threaten the health of our environment. Our products are Bio-Based, Eco-Friendly, Dye- Free, Non-Irritating, Non-Toxic to Aquatic Life, Ph Balanced with Moisturizers & Aloe, Hydrating to skin with Natural Glycerin, Allergen-Free, Gluten-Free, and Fragrance-Free. Our products were formulated to be used in frequent use environments such as yours!