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About Us

Our Story

Since we opened our doors in 2003, B4 Brands has grown from an idea into a thriving organization. At B4 Brands, we believe that it is possible to blend environmentalism with wellness and infection control; to use the earth’s natural chemistry to protect people against illness.

In 2012, B4 Brands launched its Eco-Premium™ line of products. These products are the result of years of research, development and testing and represent the most environmentally-sensitive and high-quality line of hand hygiene products available today. The combination of the Eco-Premium and Original lines allows B4 Brands to offer comprehensive hand hygiene solutions for institutional customers in a wide variety of markets.

Join us in the effort to limit the spread of illness-causing infections, to improve wellness, reduce absenteeism, and to end the use of chemicals that threaten the health of our environment.

B4 Brands’ Vision

Through its environmentally-sensitive hand hygiene products and innovative services, B4 Brands will continue to be the leader in infection prevention and wellness solutions for customers throughout the world.

B4 Brands’ leadership and environmental stewardship is built upon an unbending commitment to truly natural products of the highest quality as well as environmentally-sensitive production, packaging, marketing, and distribution.

B4 Brands’ leadership is further strengthened by a clear focus on customer value and trust that is reinforced daily through honesty of product claims, rapid innovation, strict quality assurance, and regulatory compliance.
B4 Brands is changing the world by being good stewards of earth’s natural resources, supporting community causes, and by enabling customers to reduce infections, improve wellness, and save lives.

B4 Brands’ Guiding Principles

1. Principled Entrepreneurship
With clarity of our vision, B4 Brands encourages the passionate pursuit of innovation through initiative and calculated entrepreneurship. B4 Brands commits to empowering team members to utilize their time, energy, and creativity to solve problems and be accountable for results.

2. Customer Value Creation
B4 Brands seeks to understand customer needs and through its activities and decisions create solutions that maximize long-term customer value. B4 Brands builds high-trust, sustainable customer relationships through honest and consistent communication while setting and meeting expectations. By sharing information internally and being willing to challenge and be challenged, B4 Brands will be able to anticipate and react to future competition, trends and customer needs.

3. Environmentalism & Responsibility
B4 Brands seeks to be a steward of the earth’s natural resources as well as a positive influence on the communities where we live and work. In a cluttered world of questionable marketing claims and corporate hypocrisy, B4 Brands will honor and respect truth with purity of conscience. B4 Brands will produce, package, market and distribute its products in the most environmentally-sensitive ways feasible. B4 Brands will also share the rewards of its success with employees, charities and communities that enable the success of the company.

4. Change & Personal Growth
B4 Brands understands that its organizational success is built upon the individual effort, time and talents of its team members. All team members are expected and encouraged to stretch, seek opportunities to learn, and grow within and beyond their roles to achieve maximum results. B4 Brands commits to supporting growth opportunities that allow team members to grow. B4 Brands commits to sharing the rewards of its success based upon the contribution of each team member.

5. Quality & Professionalism
B4 Brands leadership in an industry that prevents painful and costly infections, improves wellness as well as saves lives, implies the need for extraordinary quality and professionalism in every aspect of our work. We earn and reinforce the trust our customers have in us by meeting expectations with urgency and a willingness to extend appropriate effort to every detail.

6. Compliance & Knowledge
B4 Brands is in the trust business. Customers trust that our products and services will enable them to prevent infections, improve wellness, and save lives through environmentally-sensitive products and services. This implies knowledge of, and compliance with all regulatory aspects of our business. It also implies understanding of the problems and concerns that our customers face in reaching their environmental, regulatory, and infection control goals.

7. Integrity
B4 Brands values honestly, integrity, and its reputation within the industry. Team members are expected to conduct their activities and frame their decisions within the context of always doing the right thing. Team members are expected to always behave lawfully and ethically and when a questionable situation is encountered they are required to stop and seek counsel prior to action.