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Monthly Specials

Keep an eye on our monthly specials to get great discounts on our featured hand hygiene products.

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  • Sale! Free 9370 automatic dispenser with the purchase of (4) Avant hand sanitizer refills.

    4 Avant Sanitizer Refills + FREE Automatic Dispenser

    $70.27 $35.44
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  • Sale! 16.9 oz pump bottle of Aterra Eco-Premium hand lotion

    Aterra Eco-Premium Hand Lotion, 16.9 oz Pump Bottle

    $5.50 $1.00
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  • Sale! White 1950 mL manual Eco-Flex soap and sanitizer dispenser

    White Eco-Flex 1950 mL Manual Dispenser (9420)

    $9.95 $3.00
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  • Sale! Aterra antibacterial foaming hand soap

    Aterra E-2 Sanitizing Foam Hand Soap (Triclosan-Free) – 18 oz bottles

    $7.26 $5.45
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