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Eco-Flex Dispensers

About Eco-Flex Dispensers

The Eco-Flex™ Dispensing System is an attractive and versatile line of wall-mounted dispensers for use with Avant® hand sanitizers and Aterra® hand soap refills. The elegant, contemporary design features a large window and large push bar allowing product users to easily identify and dispense the product while allowing maintenance staff the ability to quickly monitor product levels.

The dispensers function with both liquid/gel and foam refills which can simplify and streamline purchasing and inventory management when multiple products are being used.

The universal back plate installs in seconds using double-sided adhesive tape or screws (both included). The back plate offers the versatility of being able to quickly change to alternate Eco-Flex dispensers, or to remove the dispenser for cleaning, without removing any hardware or damaging the wall.

The high-quality housing offers durability and reliability along with an effective trick lock located at the bottom of the unit. The Eco-Flex dispensers are ADA compliant and guaranteed for life.

Each refill is provided with a new pump which eliminates contamination risks associated with bulk-fill systems.

  • Guaranteed for Life
  • Recyclable Refill Packaging
  • New Pump Provided With Each Refill
  • Secure Trick Lock
  • ADA Compliant
  • Accepts Liquid/Gel and Foam Refills
  • Reliable Mechanisms

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