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Office Buildings

Hand Hygiene Solution for Office Buildings

For companies, maintaining strong infection control measures in their offices is essential to the bottom line, and the health, well being and productivity of their people. And few locations on Earth face tougher infection control challenges than the office building.

A natural germ haven, the average American desk harbors over 10 millions germs. And in the quest to stay productive, most people don’t wash their hands frequently at work, and an estimated 25 percent of employees don’t wash their hands after using the restroom. This can lead to costly health and financial consequences: Illness, absenteeism and loss of productivity.

With one touch, germs can spread among coworkers and to new work areas, and have your company soon dealing with a office-wide, money-burning illness.

But one application of B4 Brands’ hand sanitizer kills 99.9 percent of common germs that may cause illness, and regular implementation and use of B4′ comprehensive line of hand hygiene products can keep office buildings healthy, happy and productive work environments.

Featured Office Building Products

Hand Sanitizers

An instant germ killer on desktops, in cafeterias, lunch rooms, meeting rooms and administrative areas, Avant Original Fragrance-Free Instant Hand Sanitizer is clinically proven to kill 99.9 percent of the most common germs that may cause illness and is 95 percent bio-based.

  • 18 oz pump bottle of Avant alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer

    18 oz Avant Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer

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  • 18 oz Avant foaming fragrance-free hand sanitizer

    18 oz Avant Foaming Fragrance-Free Instant Hand Sanitizer

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Hand Soap & Wipes

The No. 1 weapon of preventing the spread of norovirus, handwashing with Aterra Eco-Premium Fragrance-Free Foaming Hand Soap is a smart plan to keep employees, clients and building guests’ hands germ and bacteria-free.

Aterra Eco-Premium Fragrance-Free Foaming Hand Soap combines thick, rich lather with natural glycerin and panthenol (provitamin B5), to thoroughly clean, soften and condition hands.

  • 18 oz Aterra Eco-Premium foaming hand soap

    Aterra Eco-Premium Foaming Hand Soap – 18 oz Pump Bottle

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Hair and Body Wash

An ideal and perfect complimentary item for company locker room and showers, Aterra Eco-Premium Shampoo and Body Wash helps employees get clean from head to toe with a smooth lather that promotes healthy hair and skin with natural glycerin and panthenol (provitamin B5).

Dispensers & Accessories

The White Eco-Flex 1000 mL Touch-Free Wall Dispenser is an attractive and versatile hand hygiene kit that is easy to install in high traffic areas like lobbies hallways, lunch rooms and meeting rooms.

The dispenser can function with both liquid/gel and foam refills and be set up as a stand dispenser. The recyclable refill bottles make it easy to install and check product levels.

  • 1000 mL Eco-Flex Automatic soap/sanitizer commercial, wall-mounted dispenser

    1000 mL Eco-Flex Automatic Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser (9415)

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  • Mobile hand sanitizer stand

    Eco-Flex Mobile Hand Sanitizer Stand (Includes Dispenser)

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  • 1000 mL White Eco-Flex Manual Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

    1000 mL Eco-Flex Manual Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser (9410)

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Simple, effective hand hygiene keeps workplaces healthy, productive and profitable. And using B4 Brands’ complete line of hygiene products can prevent germs from mounting a hostile takeover of your company’s office building, people and productivity.