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Benzethonium Chloride

What is Benzethonium Chloride?

Colorless or white hygroscopic solid in various forms.  This ingredient is commonly used as a surfactant and andtibacterial agent.

What is the chemical formula of Benzethonium Chloride?


What is Benzethonium Chloride used for?

Benzethonium chloride is an ingredient in medicaments, deodorants, mouthwashes, etc., and is used to disinfect apparatus, etc., in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, in surgery, and also as a preservative. The compound is toxic orally as a result of neuromuscular blockade.

What are the side effects of benzethonium chloride?

Benzethonium chloride can be a skin and eye irritant and also is toxic to the mucous membranes.  Repeated or prolonged contact with skin may cause dermatitis.


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