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What is Methylpropanediol?

Methylpropanediol is an organic glycol that functions as a solvent in personal care products. It is colorless and odorless.

What is the chemical formula of Methylpropanediol?


What is Methylpropanediol used for?

According to research, it can can enhance the penetration of ingredients (such as salicylic acid) into the skin. It is primarily used in products to aid in delivery of other active ingredients, but not as an active ingredient itself.  It is used as a solvent in many personal care products.

Are there side effects or dangers of Methylpropanediol?

Methylpropanediol is considered a safe ingredient and has no adverse side effects or warnings associated with its use. The Cosmetics Database assess its safety level at 99% and there are no studies that show it to be a toxin or irritant. However, any ingredient that facilitates penetration of the skin should be used thoughtfully because it could increase the likelihood of other dangerous chemicals gaining easy access to the body.


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