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Using Earth’s Natural Chemistry to Protect People Against Illness


Avant Aterra
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All our products are
Gluten Free

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All our products are Allergen Free

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Eco Friendly Bio-Based Products

Distribute with Us

B4 Brands is one of the fastest growing skin care and infection prevention companies in the U.S. due to the strength and quality of its distribution partners.


Expand, Advance, and Evolve with Us

  • Competitive profit margins
  • Dispenser programs
  • Bid advantages
  • Marketing rebates
  • Industry exclusivity
  • Lead forwarding
  • Samples and marketing support
  • Freight discounts
  • Dispenser Imprinting
  • A growing partnership

Grow your brand with Private Labeling

B4 Brands is proud to offer our private label platform to our valued customers. Whether you are interested in a promotional product, a single private label item, or a complete branded line of skin care products.

Private Labeling

Use private labeling to help grow your brand

  • Research and Guidance on information gathering
  • Our knowledge and expertise in our industry (over 10+ years)
  • Quotes
  • Competitive prices
  • Help with the design and creation of labels
  • FDA registration guidance
  • Samples and literature
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Freight discounts
  • Time. We value our partnerships every step of the way