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Understanding CDC’s Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Recommendations for COVID-19

Disproving the 70 Percent ABHR Myth In the most important public health fight of our lives, alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a proven COVID-19 killer, a trusted certainty against a madly uncertain virus. However, public debate and confusion over the alcohol content needed in sanitizers has left many people unsure of just what percentage ABHR they […]

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Hand Sanitizer, Caution Musts in ‘Most Important Flu Season of Our Lifetimes’

As the storm of the scariest cold and flu season in American history approaches, it’s important for all of us to remember a proven, hopeful truth: COVID-19 has a proven Kryptonite and its name is alcohol-based hand sanitizer. As America readies to fight the terrifying double-trouble tandem of COVID-19 and influenza this fall, having hand […]

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