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A Nervous Iowan’s Guide to the Coronavirus

As it sets the entire world on edge from Canada to China to Australia, the coronavirus is both the world’s most terrifying and confusing virus. Iowa health officials are monitoring the troublesome epidemic, which thankfully has not yet produced any confirmed cases in the Hawkeye State. Many people don’t have a clear understanding of the […]

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Study: Sanitizer Beats Soap At Cleaning Kids’ Hands

Pediatrics’ 8-month analysis of 911 toddlers finds kids using hand sanitizer miss fewer days of school, have fewer respiratory infections Kids are adorable, but as every parent can testify, they are also adorable germ machines. Kids collect sickly germs and bacteria like Microsoft collects cash: stockpiling them in factors of ten. They trade germs with […]

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Hand Sanitizer Celebrates Its Golden Anniversary

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers, Available in bulk quantities.

The nursing student was searching for a formula that could provide near instantaneous cleansing of an environment where there is no time to find a sink and wash with soap and warm water. The young aspiring RN knew that such a solution could be a lifeline for hospitals and doctor’s office, where 24/7, non-stop caring […]

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Scientists Dig into Influenza’s Biggest Mystery

It’s a puzzling flu riddle straight from Medicine’s X-Files: How do the smallest flu threats sometimes pack the biggest and sickliest punch? Scientists have found minor variants of flu strains not typically targeted on vaccines carry a more potent viral punch than previously realized, Medical News Today reported in early January 2016. Authors of the […]

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Seniors Face a Blizzard of Winter Health Threats

Winter’s barrage of colds, flus and dangerous infections are a bear on everyone, but no one feels the fury of winter’s brutal elements more than senior citizens. Winter’s heavy onslaught of bacterial and viral illnesses can be particularly threatening to America’s golden generation. An alarming one third of seniors die as the result of infectious […]

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