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Hand Hygiene Compliance Buttons – Inspire Your Staff!

Last week we attended the Iowa Infection Prevention and Control Conference in Des  Moines.  It is always a great experience to connect with Iowa’s exceptional infection control professionals in acute and non-acute care healthcare facilities.  As always, the conference was beautifully run and the speakers and panelists were very impressive. At our booth, along with […]

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Hand Hygiene Characters – Fresh Freddy and Dirty Dex

Thank you to all those who helped us name our new hand hygiene characters. We received dozens of great, and very creative, suggestions. I’d like to introduce you to Fresh Freddy and Dirty Dex. These characters will be used to help educate elementary students about the importance of proper hand washing. Thank you!

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Positive and Negative Aspects of Touch-Free Hand Soap and Sanitizer Dispensers

Touch-free dispensers, automatic dispensers, motion-activated dispensers, or whatever you want to call them, are becoming more and more popular for hand soaps and hand sanitizers in institutional settings.  Touch-free dispensers are an important innovation in hand hygiene, but before you install touch-free dispensers, be sure that you’ve made plans to avoid common problems. We, at […]

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What’s the best portable size of hand sanitizer?

Consumers often see and buy small hand sanitizer bottles at gas stations, grocery stores, and at mass merchants. Some bottles are really tiny, even .5 oz. What’s your favorite portable bottle size? I personally prefer a 4 oz bottle. Yes, it takes up more pocket or purse space, but it lasts a long time and […]

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Reduce Employee Illness and Absenteeism with Hand Sanitizer

A common struggle business managers have to deal with is illness in the workplace and employee absenteeism.  When employees are sick or absent, productivity takes a hit, and that means bad news for the bottom line. There are many contributing factors when determining the cause of employee absenteeism such as employee attitude, job satisfaction and […]

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