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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Are Making America’s Schools Healthier

Touch-free dispensers are helping keep America's kids healthier in school.

Sneezes. Runny noses. Dirt on hands. Colds and infectious bacterias have no offseason in American schools, where they’re present from August through June. These enemies of education cause the country’s school kids to miss millions of days of school annually, and make teachers’ jobs of enlightening America’s future even harder. The National Center for Health […]

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The Evolution of Antiseptics

A Glimpse Back at the Progression of Antiseptics Over the Centuries The printing press. The light bulb. The automobile. The computer. The Internet. The iPhone. Pizza delivery. All of these cutting edge inventions have changed the world and extraordinarily enhanced the way we live. Yet none can rival the remarkable global impact that antiseptics have […]

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11 Public Hot Spots for Germs

Going to the extreme lengths of quarantining oneself from germs, a la legendary movie star Howard Hughes, isn’t much fun or mentally healthy, so our best defense remains arming ourselves in heavy germ zones. Having hand sanitizers at the ready are a great ally when we venture daily into some of germs’ favorite vacation spots. […]

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Antibacterial Soaps…..Generally Unnecessary

Hand hygiene products labeled as “antibacterial” are produced with active antibacterial chemicals such as triclosan, chloroxylenol, and Benzalkonium Chloride which are intended to kill bacteria and microbes. Yet in recent years the purported benefits of antimicrobial products have been challenged by organizations such as the USDA and FDA, and an increasing amount of research has […]

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Allergy and Irritation Issues of Fragrances in Hand Hygiene Products

The vast majority of hand hygiene products currently on the market contain chemical fragrances. Required by the FDA to be listed only under “fragrance” on the product label, these ingredients give a product its distinct smell or aroma. Yet certain chemicals commonly contained in fragranced products have been linked to negative health effects – including […]

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