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B4 Brands Gluten-Free Skin Care Solutions

gluten free

Consuming gluten might not exactly be one of the seven deadly sins. But for people living with celiac disease and other health concerns, the protein that shares its name with the vice of excess is one of the last ingredients they want to read on a food ingredients label.

Gluten, found commonly in wheat, barley and other grains, also surprisingly turns up in a variety of unusual products labeled gluten-free. The shameless “gluten-free” violators include medications, vitamin supplements, orthopedic retainers, sunscreen, lipstick and pet food. 

Everyday non-food items with gluten can exacerbate celiac disease symptoms, leading to celiac disease problems. 

And just when you thought it was safe to use non-food products containing “no gluten ingredients” or “made without gluten” on the label, Newsweek’s Lizette Borreli stresses these products “do not abide by FDA labeling regulations.”

Alas, even some brands of hand sanitizer fall victim to gluttony as Chronically-Gluten-Free’s Angela Schiavon notes. That can be scary news during the sickliest time of the year. Even the smallest dab of a hand sanitizer with a taste of gluten can leave you glutoned. 

“Although gluten can’t be absorbed through the skin it’s possible to ingest a small amount of it via cosmetics, especially if used on the hands or mouth,” Borreli writes.

Beware a hand sanitizer whose ingredient list includes “wheat amino acids.”

“Ah yes, something that many of use on a regular basis,” Schiavon writes. “I learned the hard way that not all hand sanitizers are created equal. I became glutoned about 5 minutes after I used some eucalyptus hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works.

Consumers need not worry or think twice when using B4 Brands’ Avant & Aterra skincare products, which are all 100 percent gluten-free. From Aterra Hand Soaps to Avant Hand Sanitizers, B4 Brands’ products use Earth’s natural chemistry to protect people against illness. 

This assurance is particularly important for parents with young children diagnosed with celiac disease. As parents work to keep their kids healthy during the upcoming cold and flu season, a hand sanitizer containing gluten isn’t going to help their wheat sensitivity or your peace of mind. 

But cleaning your family’s hands the B4 Brands‘ way will keep them safe from sickly germs and bacteria and 100-percent gluten free.