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Be Aware of the Germs of Summer

We’ve weathered and survived another long cold Midwestern winter. The sun’s shining and blazing, school’s out, and we’ve got barbecues, the beach and the playground calling our names.

We’ve left the nasty germs and bacteria we fought so hard during the dog days of flu and cold season in our rearview mirrors, right?

Sorry, folks, those pesky pathogens are still here and just as dangerous during the good times of summer.

Fact is, germs love summer just as much as they love winter. Some of our favorite summertime activities and hot spots are also breeding grounds for germs. Instead of packing hand sanitizer away for the winter, stay armed during the summer with B4 Brands’ Avant Instant Hand Sanitizer and common sense germ shields when enjoying these summertime pastimes.

The Swimming Pool

Our favorite summertime getaway is also a favorite hangout for some nasty organisms. A 2010 Centers For Disease Control report found one in eight pools had serious health violations that threatened the safety of swimmers. While you’re enjoying a lazy backstroke, a dirty parasite called cryptosporidium, also known as crypto, could be swimming in the next lane over. Crypto is an extremely chlorine-tolerant parasite that can survive in a properly chlorinated pool for up to 10 days.

Another cause for alarm when stepping in the pool: The CDC reports one in five Americans swim while experiencing diarrhea, which can heavily contaminate water with crypto and make other swimmers sick.

Also remember, chlorine doesn’t kill all germs and bacteria in pools. Heed Mom’s advice and shower thoroughly after swimming.

The Hot Tub

Few activities are more relaxing than having a hot tub’s warm temperature and soothing jets easing our muscle tension and aching body. But warm weather can also create an unhygienic atmosphere.

Summer’s warm temperatures make it difficult to disinfect and thoroughly clean a hot tub, making it a breeding ground for all kinds of bad infections. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacteria often found in hot tubs, can lead to an infection called Pseudomonas folliculitis, more infamously known as “the hot tub rash.”

The Playground

The great escape from school also doubles as a germ playground.

A Good Morning America swab study of 60 playground areas in four states (New York, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington) found 59 contained germs that could make children seriously ill. The scary list of substances found included fecal matter, E.coli, Salmonella, hepatitis A and Shigella.

Kids’ best way to fight back against harmful playground bacteria is good hygiene techniques. For kids, nothing kills germs faster and more completely than washing hands after playing. 

Bounce Houses

They’re bouncing with endless fun but bounce houses also have germs jumping all over the place. These germs can be either viruses or bacteria. Heavy exposure to either can make children sick. Again, washing hands immediately after bouncing are kids’ best defense against the bad germs bouncing around in one of summer’s funnest hot spots.

The Grill

Nothing beats the outdoor kitchen during the sweet heat of summer. But leaving your grill outside and exposed to the harmful elements of summer is a recipe for disaster. Just think of the potential danger lurking if a flock of birds buzzes your grill.

Another fact to remember: Even if you clean bird droppings off your grill, the heat grilling creates alone cannot guarantee all viruses and bacteria will be killed.

Another potential grill threat is small animals, who are attracted by the lingering sweet smell of grills and can get caught inside the grill and die. If you don’t notice them, the resulting smoke and flames of grilling can cause your meat or vegetables to be contaminated. Who wants burnt squirrel on their burger?

Two must-follow rules of summertime grilling: Keep your grill covered and stored indoors.

Don’t sleep on these summertime threats: Dangerous germs, bacteria and potential viruses are hanging out and trying to rain out your summer fun. But with good hygiene and smart planning, you can avoid the dirty germs of summer.

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