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Hand Sanitizer: An Essential Learning Tool For Schools

Avant and Aterra hand hygiene products

Every American schoolkid and their parents have their own Back to School Check List, but for the country’s education centers, there’s an essential learning tool no school should open its doors without a full semester’s stock on hand.

Reusable Foam Soap and Hand Sanitizer Dispensers are a valuable ally for every school district fighting to repel the daily onslaught of harmful germs and bacteria that threaten classrooms from pre-school through graduate school.

Recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention when soap and water are not readily available, alcohol-based hand sanitizer gels and foam soaps have helped thousands of academic learning centers reduce their absenteeism rates and improve student’s academic performance.

An American Journal of Infection Control study on the effects on hand sanitizer use on absenteeism in schools researched 16 elementary schools and 6,000 students across the country and found a nearly 20 percent reduction in absenteeism in schools using disposable hand sanitizer gels.

The first week of school is also an ideal time for educators to teach young students the easy three-step process of using foam soap and hand sanitizer.

  • Apply the gel or foam to the palm of one hand
  • Spread the sanitizer between hands until both are thoroughly wet
  • Rub hands together vigorously until the solution has dried

Even in the cleanest schools, germs are everywhere students turn. The Alliance for Consumer Education notes children can touch and retouch up to 300 surfaces in 30 minutes and tens of millions of school days are lost each year to the common cold. Having ready and fueled disposable hand sanitizer dispensers at your school’s germiest spots (the water fountain, the cafeteria and coat room, for starters) can help your district’s students get and stay ahead of the germ curve, stay in class, and, most importantly, learning healthy and happy.

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