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Private label lotion, soap and hand sanitizer

The B4 Brands Private Labeling Difference

Whatever a customer’s specific needs, B4 Brands meets it with private label solutions.

Whether a promotional product, a single private label item, or a complete branded line of skin care products, B4 Brands can design a custom formulation of high quality skin care products to meet a wide variety of market-specific needs and help you brand your business. B4 Brands’ private label platform includes a broad formulation library of skin care products, plus access to formulators that can create a custom formulation for your business.

The B4 Brands’ private label difference includes hand sanitizers, hand soaps, hand lotions and hair and body products. But the B4 Brands’ custom Private Labeling difference provides many benefits:

  • Brand Recognition
  • Increase Sales
  • Control
  • Value

Plus, B4 Brands can utilize virtually any bottle size or label type. B4 Brands also offers custom packaging and can also assist with label design and development. The B4 Brands private labeling difference also offers specialty wall dispensers boasting your company’s logo.

The B4 difference doesn’t stop there: B4 Brands’ imprinting process can accommodate multi-color and highly detailed logos.

From product specific products to quotes to references, the name to know is B4 Brands.

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