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What’s the best portable size of hand sanitizer?

Consumers often see and buy small hand sanitizer bottles at gas stations, grocery stores, and at mass merchants. Some bottles are really tiny, even .5 oz. What’s your favorite portable bottle size?

I personally prefer a 4 oz bottle. Yes, it takes up more pocket or purse space, but it lasts a long time and is a much better value. If you look at the cost-per-ounce, a 4 oz. bottle costs far less than a half-ounce bottle. Plus, a half-ounce bottle last only a few applications then you need another bottle.

From the perspective of effectiveness and good hand hygiene, I have a strong concern about those tiny, half-ounce bottles. I worry that users will try to “conserve” the product and dispense too little product per application. Remember that for a hand sanitizer to be effective, the hands need to stay wet for 15 seconds.

We offer Avant Eco-Premium Instant Hand Sanitizer and Avant Original Fragrance-Free Instant Hand Sanitizer in several portable sizes. Avant Eco-Premium is available in 4 oz bottles and Avant Original Fragrance-Free is available in 2.75 oz and 4 oz bottles. My personal favorite is the 4 oz. oval bottle of Avant Eco-Premium. That bottle size and shape is perfect for a pocket or purse…in my opinion.

So, what’s your favorite portable bottle size and shape?

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