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How do Doctors and Nurses Avoid Getting the Cold and Flu?

Ever notice how usually the only folks not coughing and sneezing up a storm during cold and flu seasons are the people who spend the most time around germs, bacteria and viruses? They’re not magicians, they’re just doctors and nurses and experts on cold and flu defense plans. Medical professionals are exposed to sick people […]

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Norovirus: What is it and how can you prevent it?

What Exactly is the Norovirus? Norovirus has such an infamous name it’s often called worse than the flu. The ailment lives up to its reputation, derailing vacations, racking up sick days and leaving its subjects in painful misery. Unrelated to influenza, norovirus is an easily contagious virus spread from infected people, contaminated food or water, […]

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How to Survive Germs on Airplanes

Germs fly everywhere, logging more frequent flyer miles than the most on-the-go of business travelers.  And during the holiday season, there are few more disturbing thoughts for travelers than germs on the loose at 30,000 feet. There are few places on Earth where bacteria and illness are transmitted faster than a contained airplane cabin. The […]

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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Are Making America’s Schools Healthier

Touch-free dispensers are helping keep America's kids healthier in school.

Sneezes. Runny noses. Dirt on hands. Colds and infectious bacterias have no offseason in American schools, where they’re present from August through June. These enemies of education cause the country’s school kids to miss millions of days of school annually, and make teachers’ jobs of enlightening America’s future even harder. The National Center for Health […]

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The Evolution of Antiseptics

A Glimpse Back at the Progression of Antiseptics Over the Centuries The printing press. The light bulb. The automobile. The computer. The Internet. The iPhone. Pizza delivery. All of these cutting edge inventions have changed the world and extraordinarily enhanced the way we live. Yet none can rival the remarkable global impact that antiseptics have […]

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11 Public Hot Spots for Germs

Going to the extreme lengths of quarantining oneself from germs, a la legendary movie star Howard Hughes, isn’t much fun or mentally healthy, so our best defense remains arming ourselves in heavy germ zones. Having hand sanitizers at the ready are a great ally when we venture daily into some of germs’ favorite vacation spots. […]

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